Tips for choosing the right gym mat

To benefit from maximum protection and comfort when practicing your sporting activity, nothing like a goodtapetes para gimnasio. From a simple tapete fitnessto a professional gymnastics mattress, discover our tips for choosing the right mat for your practice.

Floor mats for fitness

Are you looking for a gym mat on which you can do your fitness exercises on the floor comfortably ( gluteal abs, knee pumps, elbow sheathing, flexibility, yoga exercises, etc.)? There are different models of fitness mats, choose according to your use.

Thick gym mats

If you are primarily looking for comfort, then opt for a thick floor mat. “Transportable” models generally have a thickness of between 6 and 15 mm. Suffice to say that on a hard tile type floor, the 15 mm mat offers real comfort. Note that depending on the brand, it is the density of the foam that will bring the carpet a more or less pronounced softness. Also, the thicker models run much better than, the thinner carpets, which tend to keep the edges curved.

The disadvantage of thick fitness mats: their weight. Often more than 1 kg, against less than 200 grams for certain thinner gym mats, and also bulky, they are not practical to transport. To privilege, therefore, to equip at home.

Foldable fitness mats

If you are looking for a space-saving gymnastics mat that you can take with you everywhere, then choose a foldable model instead. Generally foldable in 4 or 6, these fitness mats are very practical to transport or store at home. Indeed, for a 180 cm mat foldable into six sections, you get a folded width of 30 cm. Also, some models have handles to facilitate their transport.

Non-slip floor mats

Depending on their composition, gym mats adhere more or less to the floors on which they are used. If you are exercising on tiles or slippery surfaces, choose an elastomer foam mat, just as soft as piso foamy. Certainly more expensive and heavier than foam or fabric models, the non-slip mats will provide you with maximum comfort and security when performing your exercises.

Gym mats for sports halls

Are you the manager of a fitness room, and are you looking for quality mats for your members, combining comfort, resistance, ease of cleaning, and storage? Opt for washable carpets, made of resistant and tear-resistant foam, fitted with eyelets to hang them on a wall rack.

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