Factors To Consider While Choosing Single-serve Coffee Maker

Finding the right model of coffee maker is definitely a difficult task. You have to navigate several stores to check out the available coffee makers before picking the perfect one. So to help you find the best single serve coffee maker, here we sum up the five factors that you must consider:

  • The number of coffee cups you require? There are some coffee makers in which you have to add water for every cup you brew, which lengthens the brewing time while there are some which include a water reservoir that keeps the water hot and ready for quickly preparing the additional cups. So the choice is yours.
  • The available kitchen space? When buying a coffee maker, don’t forget to consider its dimensions. This will give you an idea of how you’ll accommodate the machine in the available space. Nevertheless, you can find compact coffee makers in the market that can easily fit even in the smallest space.
  • How much will it cost? Before buying any coffee maker, evaluate the cost and benefit factor in your mind. A basic maker will cost you around $30 while advanced coffee maker with robust features will range around $3000. In simple words, as the number of programmable features increases, the cost will also increase.
  • Does the machine include an auto-shutoff feature? Modern coffee makers come with the latest features like automatic shutoff system to enhance the well being of their customers. For busy and forgetful coffee lovers, this safety feature will automatically turn off the coffee maker.
  • The list of advanced features it has: Apart from its sleek and stylish look, the buyer must consider the following features as well:
  1. Built-in grinder: This feature ensures that the coffee beans are finely crushed while maintaining rich aroma, oils, and flavors of the beans.
  2. Program Settings: This feature allows you to program your coffee up to 24 hours in advance; ensuring that a hot and fresh cup of coffee is ready, as soon as you enter the kitchen.
  1. Water filter: This can remove the coarse and fine sediments from the water and purifies the water used for preparing your coffee.
  2. Built-in steamer: This feature is beneficial for those who love espresso coffee that is made with milk.

A fresh and warm cup of coffee is the perfect wake-up call for many of us. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the above factors before choosing your coffee-maker.

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