Planning to Replace Your Old Windows – Know the Cost for Replacement

After several years of owning a house, you need to replace the windows existing in your house. Even though, you have taken them for granted, but still it only helps to maintain the comfort in your house. 

Usually, the cost of windows depends on various factors including size, style, quality, and more. Though, there are several brands available in the market that provides many options in purchasing. This helps you to replace your old windows with new one within your budget. 

By visiting Intex Windows & Doors, you can find the premium quality Replacement Windows in La Canada Flintridge, California. They provide the different type of windows made with good quality materials at reasonable price. Also, they offer all the products needed for house or storefront at one place for the convenience of their customers.

Here is information about different type of windows and their cost that helps you in making an estimation to replace the windows in your house.

Different type of windows

Double-hung windows – You can unlock these windows from the bottom or top. Generally, these are the most common type of windows and they are inexpensive compared to others. The cost varies from 280 to 360$ based on the frame type and glass quality.

Tilt-out windows – You can fold these windows in and out so that you can easily clean them from inside of your house. The average cost is $250 – $500. You can also find small size windows for of cost $150. 

In addition to the above, there are many other type windows and high-performance specialty glass windows with extra features. Usually, these windows are expensive. When you make estimation include labor cost, frame cost, and cost to remove old frames in it. Choose the best retail store and purchase high quality windows that last for a long time within your budget. 


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