What Happens When You Couldn’t Maintain Your Roof Throughout The Ages?

In primitive times, buildings were made up of mud and straw. The firstfabricated brick was constructed in Jericho way back 8000 B.C. This was the time where they discovered that they could create bricks by drying up clay mud under the sun. However, in Mesopotamian times, they have developed stronger bricks by mixing mud with straw and then baking it in kilns. This big step has hit the home run, and enrichment of building houses has been the blockbusting hit in the early 1970’s Germany, then, in the 19th century, asphalt has been available since then.

Ever since man has been around, we already have the knowledge to find or create our shelter to live safely within. Regardless of how houses were built throughout the ages.

The roof of the house is the upper covering of our home that keeps us from any harm outside, and one must bear the responsibility of maintaining it even though you have bought the expensive roof material or you became the first brick roofer in town when it became a big hit in the media.

Your roof is your main protection that comes from above, such as thunderstorms, the heat of the sun, and even powerful wind!

But what happens when you couldn’t maintain your roof throughout the ages?

Want to learn more and be mindful of these Toms River roofing problems? Then go and read the infographic below brought to you by All Country Exteriors:

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