Which is a Better Kitchen Countertop: Corian, Granite or Quartz?

Maybe you already know which one to go for. All you need is a countertop that is ideal for your kitchen, use and style preferences. Each one of them has its own pros and cons. Let’s read on to know more.

For luxury

  1. Clean and streamlined finishes

For the same, you can go for Corian and quartz. As they are fabricated, you will be provided with many colors and patterns.

  1. Rugged or natural inconsistency

Kitchen Wholesalers granite counter topswin the race in this one. It is deemed a natural stone so there is no way to control how minerals can get settled after its volcanic formation

  1. Ultra luxury finish

Here you may want to go for granite or quartz. You can pair these mineral flecks so as to showcase the sheen and glamor which Corian cannot.

  1. Rich color options

These stones offer many choices when it comes to rich colors. But when it comes to playful colors, corian and quartz are the one you should be looking for.


Here, corian and quartz win the race. As they are made with the help of extra durable resins that give away a non-porous and hygienic surface, you shouldn’t be worrying about cracking, etching and fissures that develop with time. The best part, they don’t stain at all.

  1. Quartz: the winner. It cannot be destroyed by any regards. You need no sealing and special cleaning instruction.
  2. Corian: it is heat and break proof. If it scratches, you can buff it by your own means and doesn’t need sealing at all
  3. Granite: it is durable but still prone to staining, cracking, etching and fissures because it is porous. They need more care and maintenance when using and may need cleaning, sealing and long term care.

If your kitchen is ecofriendly…

  1. Quartz: this stone is formulated by the means of conserving the fossil fuels. Quartz is deemed one of the most prolific minerals on earth as well as pre and post consumer recycle content.
  2. Corian: this stone is super durable and doesn’t need the level of mining or shipping like granite. But it is formulated by the means of toxic chemicals.
  3. Granite: Mining practices help in extracting granite which is then paired with shipping needs to make it the least sustainable.

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