What Are The Steps and Stages of Remodelling Your Kitchen?


If you have already decided for remodelling your kitchen and have already completed the preliminary arrangements like planning, consultation with a designer, have ordered the appliances and materials, hired a general contractor or have decided to take the responsibility yourself etc. you actual remodelling should start now. Contact the Cuisines Rosemere for any kind of assistance for your kitchen remodelling.

The first step or stage of your remodelling after your completion of preliminary arrangements is the tearing out the old kitchen and disposing of all the old materials which may not be useful. You can contact local salvaged building material retailers who often offer kitchen cabinet removal services. Remember that tearing a kitchen is a complicated business and you will have to pay disposal fee which is normally taken by the weight.

Once the cabinetry is completed and you have removed the flooring and tile backsplash, your second stage begins with the structural repair. You may discover holes, patches, scrapes, scratches etc. on the walls which require repair. Examine your floor and ceilings which may need further repair.

The lightings and other electrical connection need to be updated and repaired or installed before proceeding to the next stages. You must hire an electrician for this job. Take care to inspect the license of the electrician before hiring. The electrician must do the necessary connections for the existing appliances as well as connections for the upcoming appliances and their installations.

The nest stage is the plumbing which plays an important role in the kitchen. Take extra care with the plumber in kitchen sinks, dishwasher and the fridge. In order to carry out error-free plumbing work, you need to hire a license holder plumber. Faulty pipe connections, inefficient plumbing design and undersized pipes cause serious problems in the kitchen. Consider  the gas connections to the stove or oven.

If everything till now is completed effectively, move to the next stage of flooring. You can use luxury tiles on the floor as it is popular. This gives you less maintenance and looks better. You can also use hardwood for the purpose of flooring.

Now it is time for you to install cabinetry and installing counters, and after the installation go for backsplash installation. Finally, if you find everything perfectly done, go for installing the appliances. Make sure that the power and water supply is intact while installing the appliances. Some appliances may require assembly for which you may have to wait for delivery. But if you have planned them well ahead, the everything should reach in time to finish the project without delay.

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