The Merits and Demerits of Porcelain Tiles

The porcelain tile is the most popular category of home improvement material commonly used on floors and walls both in the interior as well as exterior spaces of the house, particularly in kitchen and bathrooms. However, this variety of tiles is the latest and came into the market with its predecessor ceramic tiles and over the period has grown to the top in terms of people’s choice and preference of flooring and wall counter-top. On the other hand, porcelain is the latest to arrive in the market, people, especially the house owners still to know the merits and demerits of porcelain. You must not hesitate to verify and inspect its benefits as well as disadvantages particularly with the tile experts like tuilesCarreaux Metrobefore you go for a purchase of porcelain.

The porcelain is known for its beauty, strength and durability and perceived as the improved variety over the ceramic tiles. Porcelain is made with the same materials as that of ceramic and both ceramic and porcelain almost look alike. But the manufacturing processes of ceramic and porcelain differs. The making processes of porcelain is more intensive than the ceramic and thus porcelain offers numerous benefits which other flooring materials do not. However, the porcelain has a bit of dark side too. You need to reflect the advantages as well as the dark side of the tile before purchasing the porcelain.

Most house owners, as well as the business houses, are turned off from dealing with porcelain because of its high cost, but there are specific reasons why it is expensive. The people who know those reasons or the advantages particularly in comparison to other tiles including the ceramic, happily pay more price for porcelain.

The porcelain tiles are thehardest and heavy with abundant strength to resist heavy traffic, stains, scratches, moisture and withstand all climatic hazards including the direct scorching sun and chill cool as well as heavy rains than any other tile varieties. Besides its durability, beauty and other benefits, porcelain is hygienic and non-slippery.

Most people count its high cost as the basic disadvantage. Since porcelain is denser and extra hard, it is difficult to install than ceramic and other flooring materials. It is hard to cut and layout appropriately. Only experts and highly experienced professionals can properly install porcelain. Eventually, besides its high cost of the purchase, you will have to spend more on its installation. Since it is heavier than other tiles, you should check with the strength of your building before installing the porcelain upstairs.

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