Replace Your Old Windows and Gift Your Family A More Comfortable Atmosphere

When it comes to home improvement projects, replacing windows wouldn’t top the list. Are your windows foggy? Do you find it difficult to close and open them? Are there rotten frames or sills? It is time to consider getting your windows replaced. There are more modern options available these days which enhances your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Anlin Catalina Windows in Highland Park has a large collection of products to choose from. Their fixtures are of high quality and their experts help you choose the right window that suits your climate. Here are a handful of reasons why upgrading your windows is a great idea.

Saves money now and later: Though some of us may fund the initial cost higher, if you evaluate your monthly energy savings, it is worth the bucks spent. Windows are the source of about 70% heat loss in your home. Well-insulated windows:

  • Prevents climatic conditions from affecting your heating/cooling systems
  • Blocks UV rays and increases comfort
  • Reduces heating and cooling load thus cutting down HVAC costs

Reduce condensation: Efficient windows create warm interior glass surfaces thereby reducing frost formation and condensation.

Noise Reduction: No one likes to be disturbed by outside noises playing havoc to their sleep. Choose sound proof windows that guarantee better sleep.

Reduce fading: Materials such as carpets, paper, artwork, fabric fade when exposed to constant harsh light. Your new windows provide better light-insulation.

Increase overall appeal and home value: Home buyers pay close attention to the home’s exteriors and interiors before purchasing a home. With a huge competition in the real estate business, new windows make a great impact to your home’s exterior. You will also be able to recoup the cost spent on replacement.

Replacing your windows is a good way to invest on your home. Request an estimate with a reputed windows installation company today.

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