Magical Luminescence and Brilliance of Metal Prints

The metal prints are known for their medium for preserving photos and their brilliant and impressive look from ancient times.  Metal prints are also known as metallic prints and are used popularly in modern times. The metal prints are high definition art pieces made out of metal panel usually aluminium layer with an image of your choice. These extraordinary art pieces can be placed in your living room or bedroom or any other places of your preferences. The metal print brings life to your photo and often appreciated for its outstanding luminescence. Get in touch with Big Acrylic metal printsfor your photo to be incorporated with brilliant metal print.

Metal prints normally use frameless design to provide a clean and modern look to your photos. You do not need to further frame your photo over the metal print. The metal part of your photo is durable because of the durability of the metal and its professional finishing. It can give you a new look even after 20 years of its metal prints. The metal prints are also scratch proof and water-resistant. Hanging some of the metal prints on the kitchen wall, playroom or even bathroom wall are safe because water or scratches do not harm the metal prints.

As far as an surface is concerned you can choose from a variety of surfaces like brushed metal surface, true colour surface, glossy finish or matte finish for your metal print. The brushed metal surface is done through a silver basecoat for peeking through your photo by enhancing the metallic element and by muting the colour of the photo. The true colour surface gives a white basecoat to the photo which permits the colour to be truly pop. Similarly, the glossy finish and matte finish are available for both surface types. However, the former i.e. the glossy finish gives the photo more vibrant appearance whereas the matte finish provides the more muted and subdued look.

Whatever the surface may be, the metal print gives you less glare in comparison to frame photos. You further do not get a reflection from the metal prints as glass is not used in metal prints. However, it is recommended that you do not place your metal print exposed to direct sunlight in order to prevent fading of your metal print. The metal print works extremely well with your highest resolution photos.

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