Improve Air Conditioning: Avoid These 5 Ductwork Design Mistakes

Year by year, the global temperatures are rising, and so is our reliance on air conditioning in homes, offices, transportations, public places, and commercial premises to help maintain a stable bearable temperature. Air Conditioning is not only used for maintaining a consistent temperature, but also for good air quality, energy-efficient cooling and a comfortable temperature in one’s space but a few mistakes can hamper the efficiency of the cooling system of your space. One such very common mistake noted during most Air conditioning repairs Atlanta is the mistakes in the Ductwork Designs of air conditioning that affect the performance of the air conditioning system.


Ductworks are passages used in Air Conditioning Systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning to deliver air and allow removal of air to maintain indoor air quality along with thermal comfort.


  1. Undersized Ductworks: The size of the ductwork totally depends on the requirements of the spaces, the type of air conditioning system, the location of the air conditioning, the materials used for construction and the load, and all these factors have to be considered while designing the ductwork to ensure that the HVAC ductwork is not undersized.
  1. Oversized Ductwork: Similarly as mentioned in the previous point, as undersized ductwork can limit the flow of air and compromise the conditioning process, oversized ductwork that is too long can also affect the cooling efficiency as the air will have to travel long distances to reach the target spaces.
  1. Sharp Turns: Numerous numbers of turns as well as having sharp bends and turns in the ductwork can have a negative effect on the cooling efficiency of the HVAC Atlanta, so it is very important to avoid sharp bends and a high number of bends in the design.
  1. Air Leakages: If the ductwork is not sealed properly, it can cause air leakages which will again affect the cooling performance of the air conditioning system and cause trapped air leakages into the walls resulting in inconsistent cooling.

To make modern air conditioning systems more effective and efficient than ever one can contact professional air conditioning repair Atlanta to make sure to avoid the above-mentioned mistakes while updating plans during implementation or renovation. Not only avoiding these mistakes but also ensuring regular maintenance can help one make the most of the Air conditioning system in one’s space and enjoy hot summers too.

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