Everything you need to know about bathroom towels

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The bathroom towels are available in different types of fabrics. You should prefer choosing a warm business towel but a decorative towel works as well. The bath towel fabrics can enhance your entire experience and the overall look as well. Whenever you are proceeding to purchase the bathroom towels you should prefer doing a little research. 

Some of the prominent bathroom towels fabrics include the following


Most of the quality cotton fabric towels are easily available in the market for cheaper rates. The cotton towels, comparatively are one of the best types of bathroom towels. You can easily find the cotton fabric towels in most of the bathrooms. 


Bamboo, being a renewable resource is one of the most prominent types of bathroom towel fabric. Bamboo towels are eco-friendly in nature thereby being one of the most eminent choices. Nonetheless, these bamboo towels are pretty expensive compared to other types of towels. 

Egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton towels are one of the most popular ones because of the aesthetic appeal. Compared to the common bathroom towels, the Egyptian ones have a better fiber which adds up to extra softness and durability. As a result, the softer touch helps to enhance the luxurious appeal of the Egyptian cotton towels. 

Turkish Cotton

The threads of Turkish Cotton are as long as Egyptian cotton. Hence, the Turkish Cotton towels are strong, soft and durable too. The longer threads of Turkish cotton are woven tightly together, thereby enhancing the absorbent touch of the towels. The sheen texture of the Turkish cotton helps to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the towels. 

Sizes and the Uses

The fancy bathroom towels are available in different sizes and each of them come with their own benefits. Some of the popular ones include the following

Bath Towel

These are the standard bath towels available in the standard size mostly used for drying purposes. Apart from drying these bath towels are extensively used for drying off after a shower or wrapping up the wet hair. you can also use it for drying your children. 

Hand Towel

The hand towels are mostly used for hanging around the bathroom to allow proper cooling. They are easily available in the market and quite affordable. Moreover, they are efficient as well and used for decorative purposes. The hand towels are mostly used for decorative purposes. 

You can get a wide collection of such decorative towels from Balmy Towels. These are available in different colors and shapes, designed especially to suit your needs. 


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