Which Are The Most Influential Architectures in The World?

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The contemporary architecture has been beyond debate influenced by the styles, features and characteristics of various ancient architectures in the past. Sometimes the professional and intellectuals of architectures call it a revival of architecture from ancient civilizations to the contemporary modern architecture. Eventually, the basics of all types of architectures have been accepted from the ancient architecture especially the ancient Roman architecture or the Romanesque popularly known as the Norman architecture. Besides this, the Victorian architecture and the Islamic architecture along with the Middle East and Asian architecture have also influenced a lot to contemporary architecture. If you are seeking the best and the most influential architecture for your construction, get in touch with Stendel Reich industrial architects for any kind of necessary architectural assistance.

The ancient Egyptian architecture is perhaps the most primitive as well as the most influential architecture in the world. Egyptian architecture can be called as the foundation of the art and science of architecture. Some of the technologies used the Egyptian architecture is still a mystery and no architect has yet been able to understand or imitate them. One such mysterious technologies are the art and science used in the pyramids in the Egyptian civilization. However, prior to the pyramids, the Egyptian also have shown their taste and art of aesthetic beauty and functions in the magnificent temples they constructed. The marvellous engineering skills and the rich symbolism of the Egyptian architecture is not only a mystery in contemporary architecture, but it will remain a wonder in the centuries to come.

Similarly, the Greek and Roman architecture have been always influencing the architects, and both Greek and Roman architecture are popularly used combinedly in the contemporary constructions. The Greek principles of Doric, Ionic and Corinthian order is regarded as the basic principles in the architecture of all age. On the other hand, the Roman architectural knowledge particularly the De architectura authored by the great Roman architect and scholar Vitruvius is still referred to as the most authentic text for security and harmony. In order to witness the marvellous architectural outstanding performances, one must see the entire constructions of Greek and Roman era beginning from the Acropolis in Athens to Colosseum and Pantheon in Rome.

Besides the Egyptian, Greek and Roman influence in the architecture, there are also other ancient architectures which have influenced enormously. They include the Victorian architecture like Tudor, Gothic, Romanesque etc. and the Islamic architecture. 

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